Wilted Woman – Watching The Psycho (Primitive Languages)
Zodiac Childs – EP 1 (Zodiac Wax)
Grant – GRANT003 (Grant)
Ice Dog – Babylon Fish (Brutaż)
Various – NVS04 (Neo Violence)
Various – NDFT002 (Nagual Drift)
Garrett David – Live From The Dog Cave (Lobster Theremin)
Raw M.T. – Trip To The Far East (Distant Hawaii) 【Back in Stock】




Kassem Mosse – Chilazon Gaiden (Ominira)
Seekers International – RunComeTest EP (Bokeh Versions/No Corner)
Michael Ferragosto ‎– It’s Real This Way (Place No Blame)
Mosca – Prento Version / Fever Version (Lavalava)
M.E.S.H. – Hesaitix (PAN)
Lurka – Stush / Wrapped Up (Hotline)
Andy Mac & Ossia – Soup Riddim / Cado (No Corner)
Bad Tracking – XP3 / XP1 (Mechanical Reproductions)
Laksa – Workout EP (Bastakiya Tapes)
Sully – Untitled (Bastakiya Tapes)
2000F – Mennesker I (Raske Plader)
NPVR – 33 33 (Editions Mego)
Fret – Over Depth (Karlrecords) 【Back in Stock】
LOFT – Three Settlements Four Ways (Wisdom Teeth) 【Back in Stock】
Samuel Kerridge – The Silence Between Us (Downwards)【Back in Stock】

2017年最後のUK盤入荷です!Kassem Mosse、Seekers International、M.E.S.H.が間に合ってよかった。諦めていたFret のアルバムも再入荷します!


Dan Fun – Telematic (Borft)
Klankman – Bunker 4012 (Bunker)
Mall Grab – Feel U EP (Collect-Call)
Lab Rat XL – Mice or Cyborg (Clone Aqualung Series)
Betonkust – 0% Swing EP (9300)
Donato Dozzy – Afterhouse Series Volume I (Afterhouse)
Anthony Linell – Layers of Reality (Northern Electronics)
Svreca – Arquitectura del Sueno 2CD (Semantica)
Legowelt – Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time (Clone West Coast Series) 【Back in Stock】


Benny Rodrigues – Cocaine Speaking (Unknown To The Unknown)
Jungle Buddha – Green Buddha EP (7th Storey Projects)
Gnork Presents DJ Shark – Future Music EP (Unknown To The Unknown)
DJRUM – Broken Glass Arch (R&S)
Dream Cycle – Part One EP (Sneaker Social Club)
Loleatta Holloway ‎– Stand Up [Pangaea’s Mix] (Salsoul)
Afriqua – Aleph EP (R&S)
Various – Samurai Music Decade: Segment 1 (Samurai Music)
Adam Winchester – Interferenza EP (Osiris Music)
DJ Nozaki Presents ZZZ – Uzkzowz EP (Unknown To The Unknown)
Hardrive – Deep Inside (Strictly Rhythm)
Simo Cell – Pour Le Club! EP (Livity Sound) 【Back in Stock】
BOKEH – Lancashire / Fast Fiver (Weevil Neighbourhood) 【Back in Stock】
DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa – F Planet (Berceuse Heroique) 【Back in Stock】
DJ Swagger – Haus Dubs (Thirty Year) 【Back in Stock】
Burnt Friedman & Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Yek (Nonplace) 【Back in Stock】
Wilted Woman – Home Listener (Alien Jams) 【Back in Stock】
Ploy – Unruly (Hemlock) 【Back in Stock】
Rrose – Merchant Of Salt (Eaux) 【Back in Stock】



Forte – Away EP (ØEN REC.)
Tandoori – World Tour 1 (Twin Cities)
Minais B ‎– As The River At Its Source (Petrola 80)
Various ‎– Magnetic South (Kashual Plastik)
LNS & DJ Sotofett – Blot (Wania)
Salik / DJ Sotofett – Inna Brixton / Acid Site Mix (Wania)
Televisio – Televisio (Full Contact)
Skatebård / DJ Sotofett – Stalheim-Mix (Digitalo) 【Back in Stock】
Madteo feat Sensational – Special Offer (Wania) 【Back in Stock】



J-zbel / U-202 / Low Jack – Rends L’argent (BFDM)
Maukook, $turmtruppen 1917 – Tekken EP (Comic Sans)
Bawrut – Drums Of Passion (Hard Fist)
Various – Ninja Tools Vol.2 (Lumbago)
Loop Exposure – Le Grand Méchant Loop (Basse Resolution)
Frank Spirit – Basement 108 (Hommes Du Monde)
Newa ‎– CDT002 (Chineurs de Techno)
Simo Cell – Pogdance EP (BFDM) 【Back in Stock】
DJ Call Me – +27 73 121 5626 (Promesses) 【Back in Stock】
Sentiments, Franck Gerard – December 15 (Light On Earth) 【Back in Stock】
C.R.K. – Nique La Police (Comic Sans) 【Back in Stock】
A i w A – Time-based Architecture EP (Banlieue) 【Back in Stock】
B-Ball Joints – Blue Boy Joints (PRR! PRR!) 【Back in Stock】

今週入荷多い!待望のBFDM x L.I.E.S.届きます!!!!他にもやばいの盛りだくさん。「Tekken EP」気になるでしょ??支払いは済ませているけど発送遅れたら来週入荷になります。

※発送されていませんでした泣 本日(12/19)発送された模様。今週末着かな~暫しお待ちください!


Spoiled Drama – This is our mission (Fleisch)
Beau Wanzer – Issue No. 20 (Jealous God)
Frequencia – Issue No. 19 (Jealous God)
Heartless – Impulse Models (6Dimensions)
Rebekah – Into the BLACK (Sonic Groove)
Phase Fatale – Redeemer Extended Mixes (Hospital Production)
Schwefelgelb – Den Umgekehrten Atem (Fleisch) 【Back in Stock】



XAN – PP (Private Persons)
X-Coast – Yucatán Channel EP (Lost Palms)
Tom Hang – To Be Held In A Non Position (Tidy Bedroom)
J.Albert – ORPHEUS005 (Black Orpheus)
DJ Kush Boogie – Chardonnay (Lobster Theremin)
Sweely – Nice Archive Traxx Vol. I (Lobster Theremin)
Raw M.T. – Trip To The Far East (Distant Hawaii)
Rudolf C & Shedbug – Honey Mushrooms (Salt Mines)
J.Albert – ORPHEUS005 (Black Orpheus)
Medra – Untitled (Hokkaido Dance Club)
Chicago Flotation Device – North London Archive 2013-14 (Chicago Flotation Device)
Pry – UN-001 (Union)


Simo Cell – Pour Le Club! EP (Livity Sound)
Buttechno – Super Siziy King (The Trilogy Tapes)
John F.M. – Ricochet/ … And Then Leave (The Trilogy Tapes)
DJ Swagger – Haus Dubs (Thirty Year)
Merzbow – Tomarigi (Bedouin)
BOKEH – Lancashire / Fast Fiver (Weevil Neighbourhood)
Max Loderbauer – Greyland (Marionette)
DJ Spider & Franklin De Costa – F Planet (Berceuse Heroique)
Torn Hawk – Wormquest EP (Unknown To The Unknown) 【Back in Stock】

Simo Cellかっこいー!入荷遅れていたTTTからのButtechnoもやっと届きます!