Joy Orbison – Selectors 004 (Dekmantel)
Sandy B – Amajovi Jovi (Invisible City Editions)
Florian Kupfer – LIES099 (L.I.E.S.)
Ninos Du Brasil – Animais Soar O Alarme EP (The Bunker New York)

Joy Orbisonがコンパイルした「Selectors」シリーズが最高!その他、1994年にリリースされた南アフリカ産ハウスや久々届くL.I.E.S.など話題盤入荷します。お楽しみに~~~♪



S.W. – Untitled (Apollo)
Giant Swan – Celebrate The Last 30 Years Of Human Ego (Timedance)
Fret – Over Depth (Karlrecords)
Burial – Pre Dawn / Indoors (Nonplus)
ASC – Point Of Origin (Horo)
Lemna – Urge Theory (Horo)
Forest Drive West – Static / Escape (Livity Sound)
Emo Kid – Gqomtera EP (Gqom Oh!)
Wilted Woman – Home Listener (Alien Jams)
Torn Hawk – Wormquest EP (Unknown To The Unknown)
Oli Furness – Dance Trax Vol 6 (Unknown To The Unknown)
Not Waving – Good Luck (Diagonal)
Unknown Path – Pathfinder (Auxiliary)
Moritz Von Oswald & Ordo Sakhna – S/T (Honest Jon’s)

名門ApolloにライセンスされたS.W.のアルバムがリプレスされてやっと届きます!初回入荷分が鬼ショートし予約分で売り切れたFret aka Mick Harrisのアルバムもようやく届きます。でも注文した枚数の半分も入ってこないという。。。


Grant – Perception LP (Duke’s Distribution)
DJ Seinfeld – Time Spent Away From U (Lobster Fury)
Gaja – SLAM006 (South London Analogue Materials)
Modern Heads – Elementi Compatibili EP (Southern Lights)
Duckett – Feeding Paper Tigers (Snare Tapes)
Earth Trax – I Gave You Everything EP (Lost Palms)
Pepe – Lemon Fanta (Lobster Theremin)
Minimal Violence – Live At The Pickle Factory CT (Lobster Theremin)
Slim Steve – Robbery Tools EP (Blood Money Club Traxx) 【Back in Stock】
Draveng – Brutaz-002 (Brutaż) 【Back in Stock】
Seekers International – Yardflex (–) 【Back in Stock】
LT Logo Sweatshirt Vintage Grey (Lobster Theremin) 【Back in Stock】
LT Logo Tote Bag – Navy (Lobster Theremin) 【Back in Stock】
LT Logo Tote Bag – Beige (Lobster Theremin) 【Back in Stock】

Grant、DJ Seinfeldのアルバムや久々LTマーチャンダイズ届きます!地味に推してる「Robbery Tools EP」やストック切れだった「Brutaz-002」も再入荷。しかし発送遅れて今週中に届くかギリギリのライン、、、金曜日に届かなかったら来週月曜着になります。

近日入荷予定のButter Sessions

近日入荷予定のButter Sessions

Sleep D – Red Rock (Butter Sessions)
Various Domestic Documents Vol. 2 (Butter Sessions/Noise In My Head)
Consumer Watchdawgz – Untitled (Butter Sessions) 【Back in Stock】
Sleep D – The Jackal Pt 2 (Butter Sessions) 【Back in Stock】



Hodge & Randomer – If I Could Stop (Clone Basement Series)
I-f – The Brown Elbow Conspiracy (Viewlexx)
Coni – Caligula EP (Dolly)
Nuel – Replica (Kontra-Musik)
Versalife – Soul of the Automaton pt.1 (Transcendent)
R-Zone – 4 Tracks With Numbers (R-Zone)
Pantser Fabriek – Du Bist So Jung (Bunker)



Skanna – Nightstalker EP (Skanna)
Tzusing – In A Moment A Thousand Hits (Bedouin)
I-iii ‎– Dolce / Bun So Nude (Livity Sound)
Harmonious Thelonious – Apakapa EP (The Trilogy Tapes)
Pye Corner Audio, Silent Servant, Not Waving ‎– Limited Edition EP (Ecstatic)
V/Vm – Brabant Shrobbelèr (Boomkat Editions)
Vatican Shadow – Luxor Necropolitics (Hospital Productions)
Ninos Du Brasil – Vida Eterna (Hospital Productions)
Separation Anxiety – Vices (Horo)
Kepla & DeForrest Brown Jr. – Absent Personae Postscript (PTP)
EOD – EAP Tracks (Stonedwave)
Addison Groove – Shango Remixes (Groove)
Wink – Higher State Of Consciousness (Strictly Rhythm)
Untold, Duckett – Mother’s Finest Tape 02 (Mother’s Finest)
Samuel Kerridge – The Silence Between Us (Downwards)【Back in Stock】
E-Unity – Perihelion (Oscilla Sound)【Back in Stock】
Shinichi Atobe – From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art (DDS) 【Back in Stock】

注文するも、ずーっと入荷しなくヤキモキしていた1993ハードコア/ジャングル名作「Nightstalker EP」のリマスター再発盤、遂に届きます!




Equiknoxx – Mark Ernestus Remixes (DDS)
Phase Fatale ‎– Redeemer (Hospital Productions)
Samuel Kerridge ‎– The Silence Between Us (Downwards)
City – A Goal is an Image (Halcyon Veil)
Black Zone Myth Chant – Jimi W. (Editions Gravats) 【Back in Stock】



Blawan – Nutrition (Ternesc)
Palta & Ti – EP’EN Andre Hjem (Gravity Graffiti)
John Swing – Album Sampler (LiveJam)
E Davd – Star Sign (Natural Sciences)
Metrist – Nos Ossos / Eliot Mi Fe (Neighbourhood)
Various – Forecast Part 2 (THEM)
Paul Birken – Drool Puddle Yacht Club EP (Don’t)
DJ Sports – Modern Species (Firecracker) 【Back in Stock】
Ability II – Pressure (Major Problems) 【Back in Stock】
B-Ball Joints – Blue Boy Joints (PRR! PRR!) 【Back in Stock】
Venderstrooik Collective – Chattering Antique EP (Jahmoni Music) 【Back in Stock】


Joe – Tail Lift / Mph (Hessle Audio)
K-Lone – In The Dust EP (Soundman Chronicles)
E-Unity – Perihelion (Oscilla Sound)
DJ Manny – Greenlight (Teklife)
Various – FTP 002 (FreiTanzPlatten)
DJ Plant Texture – Lloyd Goes To Mars EP (Unknown To The Unknown)
Tessela ‎– Hackney Parrot [10 Ton mix] (Poly Kicks)
Sully – Escape (Keysound)
Lamont – Ar Kid (81)
OH91 – Shuttle (Coyote)
Various – BOXED004 (Boxed)
Iku Sakan – Prism In Us All (Japan Blues)
Carla dal Forno – The Garden (Blackest Ever Black)
LAPS – Who Me? EP (MIC) 【Back in Stock】



Schacke – Make Them Remember EP (Ectotherm)
Jesse Bru – Heartless Love EP (Piff)
S Olbricht – Purpleblue (Lobster Theremin)
Grant – No Lights EP (Lobster Theremin)
Tarsius – Igado EP (More Rice)
Anthony Fade – What I Need EP (Lost Palms)
Garrett David – Ebb Vibe (Distant Hawaii)
Hugo Gerani – Esplore EP (Cosi Cosi) 【Back in Stock】
Wilted Woman – Diary Of A Woman (She Rocks!) 【Back in Stock】
Florian Kupfer- Post Present (Private Persons) 【Back in Stock】
D.Dan – Dan’s Dilemma (Mörk) 【Back in Stock】