Schacke – Make Them Remember EP (Ectotherm)
Jesse Bru – Heartless Love EP (Piff)
S Olbricht – Purpleblue (Lobster Theremin)
Grant – No Lights EP (Lobster Theremin)
Tarsius – Igado EP (More Rice)
Anthony Fade – What I Need EP (Lost Palms)
Garrett David – Ebb Vibe (Distant Hawaii)
Hugo Gerani – Esplore EP (Cosi Cosi) 【Back in Stock】
Wilted Woman – Diary Of A Woman (She Rocks!) 【Back in Stock】
Florian Kupfer- Post Present (Private Persons) 【Back in Stock】
D.Dan – Dan’s Dilemma (Mörk) 【Back in Stock】



Ossia – Gridlock (Berceuse Heroique)
Persian – Wasted Away Fit Siegel / Dj Normal 4 Remixes (Mysticisms)
West Norwood Cassette Library – Hardcore Librarianism EP (Sneaker Social Club)
Don’t DJ – Wiederganger (Berceuse Heroique)
Burnt Friedman – Dead Saints Chronicles (Marionette)
Bullion – Blue Pedro (The Trilogy Tapes)
Casio Royale – The Beat Will Control (Unknown To The Unknown)
Flørist – Dvote (Pacific Rhythm)
DJ Stingray – Kern Vol. 4 CD (Tresor)
Jay Glass Dubs – Dislocated Folklore CT (The Tapeworm)
Mr. Mitch – Devout (Planet Mu) 【Back in Stock】



B-Ball Joints – Blue Boy Joints (PRR! PRR!)
FX & Worldwide Epidemic – Demonic Epidemic (Myor Massiv)
DJ OSOM – DJ OSOM (Exotic Dance)
LAIR – LAIR EP (Eotrax)
Solid Blake – Mario EP (Outer Zone)
Yard – Void (Youth)
Hanna – The Never End (Apron)
FYI Chris – Back In The Millenium (Rhythm Section)
Alexx A-Game – Braver Swing Ting Edits (Swing Ting)
Various – Piaggio Dance University CT (Knick Knack Yoda)
Tom Ace / Bejjer – Ullis Tapes Vol. 1 (Ullis Tapes) 【Back in Stock】

其の一がフランスで謎の足止めくらって未入荷ですが、今週はこちらも届く予定~B-Ball Joints aka Low Jack鬼楽しみ!




Untold – HEK029 (Hemlock)
Hodge – No Single Thing (Livity Sound)
Peverelist – Tessellations (Livity Sound)
Akkord – RCVR (Houndstooth)
Pact Infernal – Infernality (Horo)
Neel & Filippo Scorcucchi present LF58 – Late Night Innominate Vol. 2 (Auxiliary)
Area – Freckles EP (Idle Hands)
Realitycheck – Escape Your Future (Unknown To The Unknown)
Auntie Flo – For Mihaly EP (Highlife) incl DJ Sotofett RMX
Ekoplekz – Bioprodukt (Planet Mu)
Pact Infernal – The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated (Horo)【Back in Stock】
Tim Reaper & Dwarde – Globex Corp Volume 2 (7th Storey Projects) 【Back in Stock】


CAL008 Jack Peoples – Laptop Cafe EP (Clone Aqualung Series)
CAL010/C#27 The Other People Place ft. Mystic Tribe a.i. – Sunday Night Live at The Laptop Cafe (Clone Aqualung Series)
DSR/X5 Claro Intelecto – Peace Of Mind (Delsin)
EE11 Michal Wolski – Caleidoscope EP (Eerie)
Ship051 Ekman – Sturm Und Drang / First Mover (Shipwrec)
Borft146 Daniel Andreasson – Komfort (Börft)
Borft141 Isabella / Bergsonist – Phoney / Atenem (Börft)
Borft130 Tilliander – You have 2 Osc and you detune them… than what? (Börft)
Borft129 Edmundy – Opal Eyes (Börft)
ROSTEN1 SHXCXCHCXSH – Rosten 1 (Rösten)
PBD06 Jann – Murder People (Pinkman)
Stil048 The Hacker Propagande EP (Stilleben)
DE077 Charlie – Spacer Woman (Dark Entries)

「Laptop Cafe EP」って!久々Börftもガッツリ届きます!



Seekers International – Ragga Preservation Society (Sneaker Social Club)
Joy Orbison – Off Season / Fuerza (Hinge Finger)
Batu – Marius EP (Hessle Audio)
Parris – Your Kiss is Sour EP (Hemlock)
Vaskular – Desastre (Cómeme)
SVN – Mechine EP (SUED)
Pact Infernal – The Descent Chapter II Reincarnated (Horo)
Homemade Weapons – Mind Control EP (Weaponry) Repress
Nene Hatun – Metacommunication (Bedouin)


DJ Central & Erika Casier – Drive (Regelbau)

S.O.N.S ‎- Shimokitazawa One Night Stand (S.O.N.S)

Villa Åbo – Brain Charter Disc (Butter Sessions)
Jesse / LNS & DJ Sotofett ‎– Pohja / Soft Peak Mix (Wania)



Shinichi Atobe – From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art (DDS)
Lurka / Bruce – Timedance Remixes (Timedance)
Skatebard & Stiletti-Ana ‎– Standard Moderne (Untz Untz)
Earth Boys – Trail Mix (Public Release)
DJ Haus – Hot 4 U (Unknown To The Unknown)
Lake Haze – Love In Lux (Unknown To The Unknown)
Yak – Mido / Darunia (Version)
Compa – No Hype (Feat. Footsie) / In Check (CPA)
Tim Reaper & Dwarde – Globex Corp Volume 2 (7th Storey Projects)
EOD – Swurlk EP (bbbbbb)
Cucumb45 – Slyso EP 5 (bbbbbb)
Run Dust – Leisure Village (In Paradisum)
Chino Amobi – Minor Matter (The Vinyl Factory)
Various – Volume 1 CT (Ceramics)
YLTCU – Controlled Folly CT (NoCorner)
Amorce – Confounded CT (Osiris Music)
Icore – Substance from Shadow EP (Osiris Music)【Back in Stock】
Pessimist – Pagans (Osiris Music)【Back in Stock】
Ellen Arkbro – For Organ And Brass (Subtext)【Back in Stock】
Ray Kandinski – Lo Fi Is Dead EP (E-Beamz)【Back in Stock】


DJ Sports – Modern Species (Firecracker)
E-Saggila – Tools of My Purpose (BANK)
Bookworms & Steve Summers – BNK-007-2 (BANK)
Bandshell – Part-Time Gunslinger (F T D)
Doc Daneeka – Never Wanna Lose You (Ten Thousand Yen)
John Swing / EMG – Relative 020 (Relative)
Lory D – Strange Days Vol.5 (Numbers.)
Finn – Late At Night (2B Real)【Back in Stock】
Venderstrooik Collective – Chattering Antique EP (Jahmoni Music)【Back in Stock】

絶対相性良いと思っていたRegelbauとFirecrackerの邂逅。DJ Sportsのアルバム最高です!


Wilted Woman – Diary Of A Woman (She Rocks!)
Alleged Witches – Serve The Spirits (Meda Fury Ltd)
Baltra – Rendezvous EP (Lost Palms) incl DJ Seinfeld Remix
Mason Dixie – 4u / Y. u. Hr (Behind This Wall)
Reptant – Night Time Creepin (Tomahawk)
Various – MMN002 (Momentary Records)
Lawrence Le Doux – Hermanio Age EP (Le Pacifique Records)
Szlazak – Suspension EP CT (Proto Sites)
S. Channel – Kelper The Dreamy Planet CT (Outskirts)
Gnork – The Lost Tapes CT (Outskirts)