uon – Untitled LP (West Mineral Ltd.)
Yeah You – KHOT< CT (Opal Tapes)
Cecilia – Adoration (Halcyon Veil)
Gábor Lázár – Unfold (The Death Of Rave)
Sissel Wincent – Inspirational Quotes (Peder Mannerfelt Produktion)
Szare – Kodiak / Translocated (Different Circles)【Back in Stock】
MM – Why You All In My Face (Her)【Back in Stock】
Szare – Kodiak / Translocated (Different Circles)【Back in Stock】
MM – Why You All In My Face (Her)【Back in Stock】



Facta – Dumb Hummer / All The TIme (Livity Sound)
Ishan Sound, Muttley, Hodge – C5 / Still Smoking (Tectonic)
X-Coast – XTC EP (Hot Haus Recs)
ANF – Visions (NAFF)
Dream Cycle – Part Two EP (Sneaker Social Club)
Poison Arrow – If You Don’t Love Me (I’ll Cut Your Face) (Pleasure District)
Strategy – Lanterns EP (Exit)
Jungle Buddha – Seven Chambers E.P. (7th Storey Projects)
Thomas Fehlmann / Terrence Dixon – We Take It From Here (Tresor) 【Back in Stock】


Ben Vince – Assimilation (Where To Now)
Beta Librae – Sanguine Bond (Incienso)
Security – Kkywl7 (Knick Knack Yoda)
Delroy Edwards – Rio Grande (L.A. Club Resource)
Gerry Read – Mass Media EP (2 B REAL)
Riccardo Schirò – Dunas (Gravity Graffiti) GRA008
Sordid Sound System – Psychedelic Dungeon Disco Vol. IV (Invisible, Inc.)【Back in Stock】


Via Maris – Shelleys (Mistry)
rRoxymore / Bruce / Chekov – Patina Echoes Sampler (Timedance)
Clive Stevens & Brainchild – Mystery Man (Midnight Drive)
Øyvind Morken – My Computer Is Acting Strange (Mysticisms)
SE62 – Good Days EP (Hot Haus Recs)
Falcon Black Ops – Vol.1 (Unknown To The Unknown)
J. Albert – Envy Turned Curiosity EP (The Trilogy Tapes)
Rain Text – 2 (Bastakiya Tapes)
P. Adrix ‎- Album Desconhecido (Príncipe)
Sound Collective – Jean Luc Godard Remixes (Vinyl Factory)
Odeko – Rose Tinted Vision Implant (Gobstopper)
Pan Daijing & Dafeldecker – A Page to a Corner (iDEAL)
Pendant – Make Me Know You Sweet (West Mineral Ltd.) 【Back in Stock】






北海道 1,200円
本州、九州、四国 735円
沖縄県、一部離島 ゆうパックorゆうメール実費。


Buttechno – ZCAPRI (Zodiac 44)
Privacy – New Product EP (Klasse Wrecks)
DJ Normal 4 – Vivid EP (Klasse Wrecks) 【Back in Stock】
The Ambientist – 1 – 6 (Reality Used To Be A Friend Of Mine)
Rising Sun – Lost In Reverie (Kristofferson)
Rising Sun – The Dream (Beautiful Things Don’t Ask For Attention)
SJ Tequilla, DJ Fett Burger, DJ Dog – Drift / House (Shot of T)
SJ Tequilla – Session 01-04 (Shot of T)
Jayda G, Alexa Dash – Diva Bitch Remixes (Freakout Cult)




Love la Doll feat. C.K from 2 Bit Crew


Love la Doll feat. C.K from 2 Bit Crew
5/4(Fri) OPEN 22:00 Door 1500YEN (+1D)
at Club STOMP

C.K (Regelbau, No Hands, 2 Bit Crew)
DNT (POWWOW, Why Not?)
Young Animal (SONIMAGE, Modulation Now!)
ind_fris (Scaffolder Recordings)
motonari (Ford)




Rezzett – Rezzett LP (The Trilogy Tapes)
Second Woman – Instant / Apart (Tresor)
Parallx – RP1 (R – Label Group)
EQD – Equalized #008 (Equalized)
EQD – Equalized #006 (Equalized)
Young Echo – Young Echo LP (Young Echo)
Nyra – Eternal Ends (E-Beamz)
Spacemen 3 – Recurring (Space Age) Reissue!!
Parris – 2 Vultures EP (The Trilogy Tapes)【Back in Stock】

Rezzettの1stアルバム来週届きます!Second Womanの新作もヤバいですよ~。そしてSpacemen 3「Recurring」の祝ヴァイナル再発!!